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Carré des Jardiniers theme 2021

The garden for lovers of (the good things in) life 

Mankind asks for nothing more than to see and feel greenery in the urban environment, cultivate it in rural areas, nourish the body and mind on a daily basis through the benefits of plants. This union with nature is a rite of passage when it comes to restoring a sense of well-being and balance. 

Since the rich benefits of plants play an essential role in awakening the senses and defying the odds in all kinds of contexts in both the city and the countryside, a garden is the place where it feels good to be alive, where we can regain strength and regenerate our sense of self. Since the very beginning of time, it has been the representation of the nourishing earth and Epicureanism. 

An abundant resource for the ecosystem and biodiversity, a garden is also a nourishing, generous and deliciously sensory experience – a place that protects and preserves living things and allows nature to reassert itself. 

© Alexandre MOULARD

© Alexandre MOULARD

© Alexandre MOULARD

Carré des Jardiniers 2021 finalists 

MAÎTRE JARDINIER 2021 – Franck Serra, with his garden « Human&Sens » 


« Today we are all seeking sense, pleasure and a way to get back to nature. A garden for lovers of (the good things in) life must be environmentally-friendly and a place in which one feels good. We propose a virtuous and sustainable garden in harmony with nature. The garden will be made up of components under our feet, with permeable, natural, fertile and nourishing soils: quite simply alive. 

Biodiversity will be symbolised by a canopy, an architectural arch inviting you to discover a space for Gracious Living and a seat at a shared “table” to promote friendliness, bathed in and fed by the nourishing theatre symbolising food springing from Mother Earth. The wellbeing garden is structured around the water table, symbolising life. Organic relaxation cocoons will welcome visitors in a luxuriant, benevolent and natural forest. » 


  • Franck SERRA : 2021 FINALIST  
  • Clément ROURET  
  • Bastien ROUSSEL   
  • Florian DEFRANCE  
  • Tommy GUICHARD 
2021 FINALIST – Hélène PEPIN with her garden « A table »


« We imagine a garden dominated by a reworked prototype table. The garden is organised around bushes bearing fruit in profusion. This is the heart, the life centre, the core of our garden. Everyone is welcome to come and sit at the table. You can sit down and look in any direction, have private chats, or simply contemplate the frenzy of Paysalia happening around you. 

The garden is the place for all the movements of the visitors, its ergonomics ensure they can meet and pass by without hindrance. It is focussed on life and Gracious Living. On the edges of the garden, humus - decomposed life - forms a carpet like the fertile underbrush nourishing forests.” 


  • Hélène PEPIN : 2021  FINALIST
  • Christophe GILLET 
  • Antoine TABAREAU 
  • Eugène MARELLE 
  • Camille BOUGUYON 
2021 Finalist – Matthias ORSI with his garden «The Oasis of the Future» 


« Our project is articulated around a big central work representing the genesis of gardens. This ethereal structure “captures” the water present in several of its aspects (dew, mist, rainwater, fog). Once recovered, this water is stored in several pools. 

From there, the water is gradually fed to the garden by a series of fountains, pools and ditches. By its influence, its intensity and its usage, the water nourishes specific species of vegetation and shapes a succession of gardens. The further away you get from the central art work, the less water is present, rare and even totally absent at the garden borders.” 


  • Matthias ORSI : 2021  Finalist
  • Nicolas CHASSAGNE  
  • Jérémy PRAT 
  • Grégory CACCIOTTO 
  • Olivier LOUIS
2021 Finalist – Guillaume LACHANA with his garden «Urban gardens, country gardens, living gardens» 


« We want to address the question of soil fertility. Town side, on a crust of bituminous mix, a huge structure proposes above ground gardens and demonstrates our sector’s creativity, making gardens possible in hostile environments. Does the structure evoke the poles we use to support fruit and vegetables, a trellised vineyard or an urban Robinson Crusoe’s hut? 
Countryside, visitors walk “in” earth and among levitating trees. They can observe their roots and touch the earth in which they grow. On both sides of these two structures, two edge strips frame the garden: Town side, a bench has been cut into a twenty-meter-long tree trunk but the countryside is natural. On the other side, tree trunks have been hollowed out and laid in a line. These are “substrate tables”. » 


  • Guillaume LACHANA : 2021  Finalist
  • Ghislain GONTHIER 
  • Alexandre SALMON  
  • Anthony DUARTE 
  • Bastien LACHANA
2021 Finalist– Stéphane FRITSCH avec son jardin «Cultivate our wellbeing» 


« This garden cannot be understood at a single glance. Moving from one zone to another stirs the emotions as new, breath-taking ambiances appear. It creates unforgettable memories. Its composition arouses a host of pleasant feelings. It is an invitation to visitors to relax, under a tree, close to water, in bushes or a birch forest cool down, contemplate and find individual happiness. 

The layout of the “Cultivate our well-being garden” encourages dawdling in each planted patch of the garden to savour life’s pleasures – and particularly good food. For once, visitors have time to contemplate, to dream about a place more fertile in new ideas, living better closer to nature. 

The garden is composed of various zones: a compass under the statue, a zone with a fountain for relaxation and sharing, a zone for resting, a connected “NOOKA SPACE” office, a barbecue space with its own kitchen garden and a dinner table, the whole sublimated by beautiful lighting.”


  • Stéphane FRITSCH – 2021 FINALIST
  • Alexandre KITTER 
  • Benjamin CARREY 
  • Julien FALCH 
  • Théo BOULAY 

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