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Carré des Jardiniers in 2011

Carré des Jardiniers theme 2011 : The garden to live

By the time many of us find the paths that lead to the gardens and rediscover their pleasures, the gardener must find his place and his role. In these places dedicated to beauty, to celebrations, to delicacies, in these places conducive to the exaltation of the senses but also conducive to experimentation, to acclimatization of all kinds, the role of the gardener is multiplied; he is not only the "equipped" arm of a designer, but he must use all his knowledge and all his commitment to understand, extend and amplify the creation of a garden. And when the transmission of family and ancestral knowledge has been broken by changes in society, today's gardener must be the guarantor of old practices and the broker of new practices, particularly from the ecological sphere.
In this hectic context, the profession is regaining its vitality and meaning and this is what Paysalia wants to celebrate by organizing the first edition of the "Carré des Jardiniers". This square is not a reserved area but a space for meeting and communion between a curious and demanding public and the professionals that you are.


Carré des Jardiniers 2011 finalists



© Elisabeth Rull

Creator of gardens, manager of the company Tout Simply en Loire Atlantique wants to recreate a natural universe: wood, zinc, stones and vegetation, it is a work on the material that the candidate offers us for a dreamed contemporary composition.
Through a set of wooden and stone pontoons, the visitor comes to a strange tangle of zinc pipes, vegetation and natural stone. Lulled by the lapping of the water, intoxicated by the smells of plants and natural shreds, the visitor has the impression of strolling, dreaming and understanding ...



Landscape gardener living in his hometown of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is carrying out a project called “My garden of life”. A circular labyrinth on several levels: a real walk around the 4 cardinal points and the four elements (earth, fire, water and air) invites the walker to experience nature. The audience is an element of the landscaped work. Anchored to the ground rises like a tree, a vegetated metal structure integrating 4 landing gardens. The walkers climb the structure as the sap circulates in the plant (height of 4m80).

© Elisabeth Rull


Jérôme FAURE

© Elisabeth Rull

Garden architect in Lyon, invites you to discover the Pavillon des Sens, which voluntarily fits into a non-standard garden format all in length to "stick" to the reality of urban or peri-urban plots in strips. This garden is designed around the idea of ​​an outdoor pavilion in direct contact with the natural elements.
Minimalist approach for a place that protects without isolating the building from nature, a refined structure that magnifies the plant space. This garden is the fruit of a meeting between the evanescent, moving, wild nature and the ordered and constructed culture. Plants are deliberately chosen based on their hardiness, durability and low maintenance, such as recyclable materials, which have little impact on the environment and are sustainable ...


Philippe MILLET

A 33-year-old landscape entrepreneur has named his garden "Genius Loci": like a real conductor, he will try to bring the elements to life between them while seeking to put Man at the heart of the project. A garden of simple design in appearance but superbly orchestrated with an original association of plants with different materials. A square of 10 m on the side in the center, another concentric square of 3 m on the side comprising 2 steps and an upper plate of 2 m on the side. At each corner, a triangular space is devoted to each of the staged materials (wood and glass, iron). We will also find grass, original shrubs (Phillyrea augustifolia, Rhannus alaternus, Vibumum odoratissimum…), a composting area, a flowery meadow ...

© Elisabeth Rull



© Elisabeth Rull

Landscape designer since 1996 leads a team of 20 professionals specialized in the design and construction of gardens. He invites us to discover a seaside garden. Installed on the Breton coast, he wanted to share the special charm of these coastal gardens. A nod to the Ile de Ré-type hut, pine trees, maritime space with sand planted with grasses, solarium, pebbles, low walls of old stones and chestnut canisses reminiscent of the landscapes of Quiberon, furniture made from boat canvas, low walls: the whole is natural, soft with a contrast of graphic elements


Carré des Jardiniers 2011's jury


  • Jean MUS, President of the Jury
  • Emmanuel MONY, President of UNEP and of the Paysalia exhibition
  • Eric LEQUERT IER, Landscaper
  • Jinny BLOM, Landscaper
  • Pierre Alexandre RISSER, Landscape Gardener
  • Joseph GRIMALDI, Landscaper
  • Michel AUDOUY, General Secretary of the FFP (French Landscape Federation)
  • Bruno IMBERT, Manager of Imbert nurseries
  • Bénédicte BOUDASSOU, Journalist at Le Figaro
  • Régis MARCON, three-star chef
  • Dimitri NAIDITCH, Conductor and Pianist
  • Jacques CAVALLIER, Master Perfumer

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