The Master Gardeners

The designated Master Gardener is the ambassador of the profession for the 2 years following the competition. Beyond their technical mastery, finalist gardeners are appreciated for the human qualities they embody and the emotions they provide to the Paysalia's visitors.

© Elisabeth Rull
© Elisabeth Rull
© Nicolas Rodet

©Alexandre MOULARD

Laurent Gras,
Master Gardener 2019


Anne Cabrol,
Master Gardener 2017

“The interest of the Carré des Jardiniers is to highlight the diversity in landscaping and promote environmental-friendliness in gardening combined with new technologies”

“In this kind of contest, the passion for our business and the need for increasingly greater creativity mean we go on designing ever crazier gardens.”

Sylvère Fournier,
Master Gardener 2015


Luc Echilley,
Master Gardener 2013

“The Carré des Jardiniers is a marvellous adventure. If you want to try it, don’t hesitate. Just do it. The contest brings a lot whether you win or lose. The main thing is to participate. You learn so many new things!”

© Elisabeth Rull

Philippe Poilane,
Master Gardener 2011

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