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Carré des Jardiniers in 2013

Carré des Jardiniers theme 2013 : The Paradise


Let’s not forget that the very word 'paradise' in Old Persian means a garden. This is precisely what we must remember when organizing the Carré des Jardiniers competition.
What is their idea of paradise? How do they share it?
These are the two questions that competitors must answer.
The garden, never forget, is a sharing and an invitation to happiness.


Jean MUS,

Landscape architect,

Founding President




Head Gardener of the Grand Parc of the Palace of Versailles,

Mentor of the 2013 edition

The gardener's knowledge is vast. Like the profession, it requires time and patience: in other words, you are not born a gardener, you become one, and it does not happen overnight (...)
When it was proposed to me to be the sponsor of the “Carré des Jardiniers”, I did not hesitate for a second: I was finally going, not only to be able to talk about my experience to young professionals who are as passionate as me but also and above all to remind them that their choice of life is good: "there is no more noble profession than a gardener" liked to say Voltaire (...)
When I started in the profession more than 35 years ago, the gardener was not considered. He was appreciated, but people talked about him with condescension. Today, finally, the title of Master Gardener is recognized


© Thibaut de Rohan

© Thibaut de Rohan

© Thibaut de Rohan


Carré des Jardiniers 2013 finalists

MASTER GARDENER 2013 - Luc Echilley with his garden Une idée du Paradis


If I come across paradise, I would like it to be a nest. To have this feeling of discovering the world in the cozy place of our birth.
The scent of freshly picked apples accompanies me along the winding path, I world towards a garden of paradise, a garden of Eden perhaps. The sparkles guide me, a few immaculate feathers on the ground make me sense a particular place. The soft green of the tall bamboo forms a necklace of serenity around this setting.
And then ... I discover a nest nestled in a swirl of greenery, even the shrubs with large leaves, outlining the outlines of a lush vision, fail to define the limits of this microcosm. The smell of fruit, magical and surprising drops of water escape from the ground to fall back and water this nature, a few petals brushing the vegetal carpet ... I must be in Heaven ...



  • David CARAYON
  • Franck LEVEAU
  • Mickael BRIAND
  • Paul ZARAZIK

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Frédéric Martin, with his garden Retour à la source


Let’s enter the Garden of Eden, an earthly paradise where symbolism allows us to rebuild ourselves. A desert space opens up to us, devoid of any atmosphere, a new world to be created. The progression is towards a space which little by little is covered with plants.
The visitor then arrives at the foot of the Tree of Knowledge. Water will arise at his feet and run through this part of the garden where a labyrinth of plants will open up to everyone.
This maze will evoke the free will that we all have in the choice of our evolution. It will offer pleasure to our senses. The whole will meet at the foot of the Tree of Life.



  • Muriel MARTIN
  • Yannick MAZELLIER
  • Sylvain RACAMIER

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Jean-Laurent Félizia, with his garden Un Paradis sur Terre


In a space of 100 m² like a" sacred "bubble where the cultivated space is associated
through furrows highlighting the agricultural heritage, the tree of knowledge and a natural transitory space, refuge of biodiversity, the visitor enters through a privileged passage on a circular path and strolls to discover mosaic atmospheres ... between nature and culture.
The work, of an emotional nature, offers, in addition to the marvelous, a range of contemporary techniques of assembling noble materials, know-how (wickerwork)
and updates the interdependence between natural and anthropogenic environments.
Two distinct but connected worlds, for an authentic Paradise on Earth…




  • Jacky DHONDT
  • Guilherme VINCENT
  • Damien LESCHIERA

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Samuel Bazzoli, with his garden Un P’tit Coin de Paradis


I imagine this place as the ultimate garden that will reward us for eternity. As such, I desire it filled with gentleness, serenity, and harmony. This haven of peace is a cocoon in the middle of a green setting. "
Through this garden the visitor is invited to a real sensory experience. From the entrance his senses are aroused: a peach pit path awakens his curiosity, granite slabs guide him, the sounds of the water games put his hearing on alert, smells transport him to nature, finally fruit hanging from an old apple tree reborn evokes the sense of taste ...
The idea of ​​serenity is present throughout the course, it is reinforced by various structures allowing visitors to surrender.
Heaven on earth is everywhere when we want it, so take the plunge, happiness is right there ...





  • Jean-Baptiste VEYRET,
  • Jérémy CHARPENAY,
  • Patrice VICAT,
  • Jordy TRUCHET.

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Sylvie Cauquil with Le jardin des Transparences


In this garden, the atmospheres unfold, the games of transparencies bring us softness and lightness. Everything is tender, fragrant. The light creates velvety atmospheres.
 We stop there in cocoon spaces where our privacy is preserved without being isolated. Sound of water, scents, touch ... to each their own path.
Sometimes under cover, sometimes aerial, our gaze travels, is reflected, tinkles, meets or quite simply arises. See or glimpse… This garden brings together and interweaves differences.
The materials play with verticals, run on the ground, gently lift us up ...
It invites us to feel, to touch diversity, to find inspiration for our interior garden.



  • Romain BITAILLOU,
  • Mikaël BAUDOIN,
  • Benjamin COURTEILLE,
  • Clara AUBERY.

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