Contest introduction

Introduction to the Carré des Jardiniers contest

Design and create a magical garden covering an area of 200m² inside an exhibition centre, in December and within four days, based on a theme chosen by a 16-strong judging panel: this is the challenge that awaits the five finalists in the Carré des Jardiniers competition.

For landscape designers or landscaping contractors, this is also a unique opportunity to gather your teams together to focus on a group project, dare to venture off the beaten track, inspire young people who are still in training, and to showcase your own talents…

The Carré des Jardiniers will award the top prize to the candidate who imagines, designs and constructs an exceptional garden embodying the key values of the landscaping profession: authenticity, audacity, creativity, sustainability, sharing... And amongst the five finalists, only one will be crowned Master Gardener!

You can see the gardens designed by the Carré des Jardiniers competition finalists at the Paysalia exhibition, from 30 November to 2 December 2021 at Lyon Eurexpo.

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Carré des Jardiniers 2021's theme: The garden for lovers of (the good things in) life

Mankind asks for nothing more than to see and feel greenery in the urban environment, cultivate it in rural areas, nourish the body and mind on a daily basis through the benefits of plants. This union with nature is a rite of passage when it comes to restoring a sense of well-being and balance.

Since the rich benefits of plants play an essential role in awakening the senses and defying the odds in all kinds of contexts in both the city and the countryside, a garden is the place where it feels good to be alive, where we can regain strength and regenerate our sense of self. Since the very beginning of time, it has been the representation of the nourishing earth and Epicureanism.

An abundant resource for the ecosystem and biodiversity, a garden is also a nourishing, generous and deliciously sensory experience – a place that protects and preserves living things and allows nature to reassert itself.

In the city, it is also the preferred tool to combat heat islands, develop public participation and improve the living environment.

Doubtless that the fertile imaginations of the candidates in the Carré des Jardiniers competition will use this new edition to demonstrate the wealth of benefits that a garden has to offer.

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© Alexandre MOULARD

© Alexandre MOULARD

© Alexandre MOULARD

Judging Panel

The judging panel of the Carré des Jardiniers competition is made up of 16 well-known and passionate members of the landscaping profession.
Some are experts in the sector while others use nature as a source of inspiration in their own professions, but they all have a deep appreciation of plants, are highly artistic in their own right and possess astute critical minds.

The founder and president: Jean Mus, landscape gardener  © Paul Maurer

 « The art of living – a fundamental aspect of life!
In the city, when a gardener decides to be a permanent visitor, all notions of beauty, generosity and understanding of nature rise to the next level. And it is then that we really begin to understand them.
This lover of life, a resourceful, energetic personality, full of vigour and vision, is ready to invade the city to bring more harmony and shared enjoyment to our lives … An awareness of how to find balance by integrating novel ideas, which will open our eyes to new worlds.
The way forward is to remain wise and humble, these being fundamental characteristics of a good gardener, so that everything can be enjoyed to the full!»

Six professionals from the landscaping sector:

  • Michel Audouy, landscape architect
  • Laurent Gras, the 2019 Master Gardener
  • Bruno Imbert, nurseryman
  • Eric Lequertier, landscaper
  • Bruno Ricci, landscape gardener
  • Pierre-Alexandre Risser, landscaper

Four specialist journalists:

  • Philippe Collignon, journalist for France Télévisions
  • Nathalie Degardin, for mainstream and professional media – Intramuros
  • Sylvie Ligny, for specialist media - GardenLab
  • Martine Meunier, for professional media – Les Editions du Bionnay

Five artists, who between them represent the five senses in their work:

  • Jacques Chibois, Chef at the Bastide Saint-Antoine hotel
  • Jean-Claude Ellena, Perfume Creation Director at the Couvent des Minimes
  • Gary, Sculptor
  • Dimitri Naiditch, Composer and pianist
  • Eric Sander, Photographer


Students make their choice!

The Carré des Jardiniers is a contest aiming to promote landscaping trades and grow young people’s interest for this sector. 
In 2021, the Carré des Jardiniers developed partnerships with training centres to involve young students in this famous contest and highlight landscaping trades and training possibilities. 
Two students from Agrocampus CFAA 17, Beauvais CFA-CFPPA, Lyon Dardilly Ecully EPLEFPA, Grenoble St-Ismier CFPPA Landscaping School and Toulouse Auzeville CFAAH/CFPPA will be the Carré des Jardiniers “Student Jury” and make their own award to one of the five finalists at the Show on December 1st.

Paysalia, the exhibition Landscape, Garden & Sport

Paysalia is the leading professional exhibition that in 2019 brought together the whole of the landscaping sector in France at an event attended by 741 suppliers and 29,912 visitors. Since 2009, the sector has been coming together at a three-day event to exchange ideas and move the profession forwards. The next edition of the show will take place at Lyon Eurexpo from  November, 30th to December, 2nd 2021.
The exhibition aims to promote new discoveries, meetings and exchanges of ideas between the various players in the sector. The latest innovations (both technical and aesthetic, or environmentally-friendly) are presented on Espace Innovations and the winners receive their prizes during the Paysalia Trophies awards ceremony.
The exhibition provides the opportunity for meetings and exchanges of ideas between professionals through social events: evening and late-night events, conferences, dedicated days and programmes (Ville Verte and Wellgreen days).

© Nicolas RODET

© Nicolas RODET

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