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Carré des Jardiniers in 2015

Carré des Jardiniers 2015 theme : Recreation!

A privileged moment in the life of everyone – kids and adults alike - recreation is a time for pleasure, for getting away from it all, a moment out of time to let all the senses roam.  
Alone or with your family or friends, this is quality time.
A moment of freedom for reading, playing, running, eating, laughing or simply lazing…
On their Carré, candidates will invest space and the senses to propose their (re)-enchanted garden.


Carré des Jardiniers 2015 finalists

MASTER GARDENER 2015 - Sylvère Fournier, Passion Jardin, with his garden "Le jardin enjoué"


The concept is a garden composed of different areas (a space to live, a space to play and a space for contemplation) which you discover gradually and where you could almost lose yourself as in a maze. I imagine a garden where walkers are surprised and where each turn in the path opens up new horizons.

The landscaped space is dominated by a red metal structure - the two entries and exits – leading to the three different spaces that are simultaneously poetical and fun.

At the bottom is the shed - the heart of the garden where the family comes together. The two other spaces, pergolas, are more private, ideal for games and imagination.



  • Jérémie Boissière, Passion Jardin – landscaper
  • Cédric Eygrier, Passion Jardin – lanscaper
  • Juan Silva, Passion Jardin - apprentice
  • Jean-Benoît Biscarat, Les Atelier Rouge Cerise - art ironmonger
Victor Lacaille with his garden "Trois Etats Au Jardin"


The garden is laid out as a suite of three rooms. Each room refers to three kinds of relaxation.
The first garden evokes enthusiastic gardeners, a restricted space bordered by rigorously trimmed hedges which surround a rich procession of plants lovingly accumulated over the years. There is nowhere to sit – real gardeners never sit down.

The second, bigger, “room” mirrors the gardens of pageantry, imagined as a reception area, a place to have fun and give pleasure. Here, to cut down on maintenance, the plantations are minimalist but pleasant to see. The furniture is comfortable, on a broad sun-terrace facing a pool.

The last garden space is for dreamers. Solitary souls for whom the contemplation of wild nature is pleasure enough. Here the seating is high above the ground so thoughts can soar to the skies through the foliage

So that visitors forget the artificiality of this garden, a maximum of trees and broad-spreading plants will be positioned to confine the gaze.


  • Maxime Coache - co-manager of Coache-Lacaille Paysagiste and landscape engineer (Blois)
  • Luc Dallanora – Landscape architect
  • Alexandre Libersart – Landscaper
  • Etienne Vazzanino – Landscaper
Xavier Poillot with his garden "Comptine D’un Autre Été"


So visitors remember the fun they had as children, the spaces contain reminders like the wobbly little huts where they used to play – symbols of bygone fun. Re-used materials, old timbers - but also a library of toys and an impression of being as safe and protected as in a cocoon to make them conscious of the present as well as the past.

Recreation it is also an invitation to adventure; A simple pleasure – but how can you make adults feel the joy of doing something forbidden?
To cross a wooden barrier to explore a space free of constraints to a delicious meadow in which the grass is greener and ideal for games or picnics in the lush grass.

Our memories of holidays near streams, rivers or ponds when we built dams and made all kinds of boats readily return to mind. A contemporary waterway enables visitors to remember their childhood fun with water.

Stimulating all the senses is a true priority and the sense of smell is titillated in many ways. With aromatic or perfumed plants, of course, but also by hinting at the gourmet delights of childhood with the joy of baking bread and cookies in a resolutely contemporary garden.


  • Sébastien Bencina, BCP Conception - team coordinator
  • Sébastien Champonnois, BCP Conception - skilled worker
  • Adrien Houillot, BCP Conception - worker
  • Claire Castanie, BCP Conception - designer
  • Loïc Simonet, apprentice in landscaping
Pauline Robiliard with her garden "C'est L'Heure De La Récré !"


The plants are not only flowers, herbs and vegetables. There are also barks, brushwood, dried fruit and seeds - all elements often taken for granted and which are nevertheless an infinite source of creativity.

Gardens perceived as sources of recreational magic. Nutshells, small wild poppies, thistles, grass and hay. In former days so many varieties of plant species - Flowers, leaves, trees, vegetables and fruit - accompanied our walks and games and were used to make small toys.

Spoiled by nature, kids and adults alike used to take the time to make whistles, small boats, catapults and slings, dollies and crowns of flowers. The idea is to transmit the pleasure of a walk in a garden in which plants are reminders of all the poetry and forgotten moments of childhood.

The idea for her garden: 4 different zones connected by a dynamic path.


  • Laure-Hélène Maison, scenographer
  • Samy Girard, carpenter and designer
  • Benoît Rayrol, Paysage contemporain - landscape designer
  • Florian Mathieu, horticultural production apprentice
Alexandra Torossian with her garden "L'Echapée Belle"


The concept is a garden based on the symbols of school playgrounds: boulevard trees, concrete, gates, enclosure walls. Through the eyes of a child, they become extraordinary, idyllic, gardens.
From the foam mattresses at the entrance designed for relaxing, via the flower bed of poisonous plants ideal for brewing magic potions, the gardens decant their individual, imaginary and poetic personalities. Visitors are led into these magic plant-filled spaces by a stream of marbles.
Delicate warm-coloured beds contrast with very green, less organised areas and the variations of volumes and heights are an encouragement to play hide-and-seek or simply rest in the friendly jungle.
The path then takes you under a shelter of branches and your “break” is over.


  • Morgane Greff, designer assistant specialized in outdoor lighting
  • Eric Ferber, sculptor and ironmonger
  • Stéphane Crausser, apprentice ironmonger
  • Ludovic Basoge, manager for Sobralia, specialized in implementation

Carré des Jardiniers 2015 judging panel

  • Jean Mus, President and founder of Carré des Jardiniers
  • Louis Benech, Mentor of Carré des Jardiniers 2015
  • Éric Lequertier, Landscape designer and gardener
  • Pierre-Alexandre Risser, Gardener and lanscape designer
  • Bruno Imbert, Nurseryman
  • Michel Audouy/Jean-Marc Bouillon, FFP officials
  • Martine Meunier, chief editor for magazines « Horticulture et Paysage », « Green Magazine » et « Les Cahiers du Fleurissement »
  • Nicole Maïon, Chief editor of « Extérieurs Design »
  • Philippe Collignon, TV presenter, journalist, director on France Télévision
  • Yannick Alleno, Starred chef
  • Gary, Sculptor
  • Jacques Cavallier, « Nose », Master perfumer
  • François Morel, Actor, writer, director
  • Dimitri Naiditch, Pianist, composer
  • Luc Echilley, Master gardener 2013

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