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2023 THEME

Theme for 2023 in the Carré des Jardiniers contest: Biodiver’city: How shall we live in tomorrow’s towns? 

The urban environment is where two thirds of the French population lives. It’s a multiple layered environment between the packed city centre and the quieter suburban sprawl. City life is often dynamic, turbulent, and noisy, thrusting townspeople into a sort of pandemonium that many find anxiety-inducing, stressful, fostering a sense of despondency. Creative energy, sometimes arising from isolation and from encounters that just don’t happen, explodes and lights up all kinds of possibilities. 

Parks and gardens are clearly identified as antidotes to this syndrome, and the diversity of plant and animal life echoes diversity in the streets.  

How can landscape development play an even bigger part in the re-formulation of urban life, experiment with new approaches, and spread across all the districts of a town? 

When a town takes to the garden, how does the garden permeate the town and becomes a place for experiments to devise and build the city of tomorrow? All the inhabitants—townspeople, public bodies, private entities, from all origins and conditions—then become the builders as well as the stakeholders of the biodiver’city. 

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