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Launch of the “Carré des Jardiniers” contest, 7th edition

A call to the landscape sector’s talents to explore “Biodiver’Cité”! 




Organized in the scope of the Paysalia trade show running from 5th to 7th December, 2023 at Lyon Eurexpo in France, the 7th edition of the “Carré des Jardiniers” contest reveals its latest theme:
Biodiver’Cité: How shall we live in tomorrow’s town? 

Working as a team to create an ephemeral yet authentic garden, landscaping contractors and designers are asked to reflect on ways in which landscaping development participates in redefining urban life. 
For entrants in this 2023 edition, the stage is open to exploring new paths for dealing new hands to tomorrow’s towns.

The urban environment is where two thirds of the French population lives. It’s a multiple layered environment between the packed city centre and the quieter suburban sprawl. City life is often dynamic, turbulent, and noisy, thrusting townspeople into a sort of pandemonium that many find anxiety-inducing, stressful, fostering a sense of despondency. Creative energy, sometimes arising from isolation and from encounters that just don’t happen, explodes and lights up all kinds of possibilities.
Parks and gardens are clearly identified as antidotes to this syndrome, and the diversity of plant and animal life echoes diversity in the streets. 
How can landscape development play an even bigger part in the re-formulation of urban life? How can we try out new approaches and ensure it reaches all the districts of a town? When a town takes to the garden, how do gardens permeate the town and become a place for devising new ways of building the city of tomorrow? 
So that all the inhabitants—townspeople, public bodies, private entities, from all origins and conditions—become the builders as well as the stakeholders of the biodiver’Cité.


The contest is now open for entries. 
Established professionals, landscape designers and contractors have until 17th March, 2023 to post their entries on 



A genuine innovation tool at the service of the landscaping sector, this competition sets out to disrupt codes, to dare, to explore new know-hows. It calls for creativity, an invaluable quality for bringing bold conceptions to light. The hidden face of garden art is unveiled for the greater enjoyment of all professionals. By taking part in the project, 
teams offer themselves a unique human challenge. Throughout the conception stage, and most of all during the three days of competition, cohesion is the key! As with previous editions, each team must include the talents of a person undergoing training in the landscaping sector. It’s a wonderful way of encouraging future professionals.



Four days to design and bring to life a 200-square metre ephemeral garden illustrating a set theme, bang in the middle of an exhibition hall— that’s the gauntlet thrown down
to competing teams in the “Carré des Jardiniers” contest. Four finalists will have the chance to present their project to an experienced panel comprising landscaping sector professionals, reporters from the specialist trade press, and artists. Together, they elect their “hearts and minds” project and reveal the name of the next person to wear the Master 
Gardener mantle, who will succeed Franck Serra, honoured in 2021, and take their turn as the profession’s ambassador for the next two years! 

Professionals undertake to fly the flag of the landscaping trade’s values: authenticity, audacity, creativity, sustainability, and sharing. 

At “Carré des Jardiniers”, everyone’s a winner! Putting their whole workforce through an incredible experience, tightening bonds within their company, undergoing a unique adventure together: those are the advantages for each end every competitor. Carré des Jardiniers is a marvellous tool for communication and outreach, as well as the ideal tool for honing competence at both organizational and managerial levels. The contest gives gardeners free rein to express themselves through their identities and reveal their unbridled creativity. We come out of this adventure bigger that we went in. There really is a “before” and “after”! Roll up in numbers to enjoy this new edition and dare to change your future while remaining resolutely your own selves.
Franck Serra,
2021 Master Gardener

Practical Information 

Contest open to all established professionals, landscape designers, or landscaping contractors.
Must include at least one person in training. 
Entries close 17th March, 2023

About the Paysalia trade show

The 7th edition of the “Carré des Jardiniers” contest is set to emerge at the very centre of the Paysalia trade show, in December, 2023. Paysalia is the leading trade show targeting every active person involved in landscaping in France. Since 2009, people have been meeting, trading thoughts, and driving the profession forward over the show’s three days. As a sign of its success, the 2021 edition of the twin trade shows Paysalia and Rocalia hosted 1,481 suppliers and brands in front of almost 29,000 visitors. 

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