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Master Gardener 2023


Antoine De Lavalette, Master Gardener 2023!




"An incredible year is coming to an end. My team and I will remember for a lifetime the journey that led us to victory today. We're delighted to see that you enjoyed our garden, designed as a dive into a memory, into an emotion."

Antoine De Lavalette




Nature & Création (31)



Raised between France and Thailand during his childhood, Antoine de Lavalette grew up with two different perspectives on nature. Although he initially pursued studies in law and languages, his need for freedom and his love for the land eventually led him towards gardening. After graduating from the National School of Landscape Architecture, Antoine De Lavalette took his first steps alongside landscape designer Camille Muller before continuing his apprenticeship with his father and uncle in the family business near Toulouse. Today, he has established himself among teams of gardeners, taken over the reins of the Nature & Création company with his cousin, and employs 13 people. Antoine now creates gardens that allow nature to express itself, reflecting his own identity and strongly influenced by memories that continue to inspire him.





As one enters this alley, disorder welcomes us: the place seems abandoned, the ground is cracked, and the sidewalks are broken. A neglected alley, at the entrance of which neither the built environment nor nature seem to have reached an agreement. A rather gloomy place that deserves to come to life... What if we let Nature settle in? What if we chose to look at it differently? What if we chose to guide it instead of constrain it?

Step by step, the visitor progresses through the alley: the scenery changes, and nature begins to take root. On its own, nature advances and evolves. It fills the gaps and creeps into every corner. Cracks, fissures, and other signs of concrete weakness give way to vegetation. Thus, the street becomes a garden, as if humans had chosen to coexist with it. And the dead-end becomes alive! Plants colonize the city, and our alley soon becomes a space that arouses curiosity and invites exploration. From being present, nature becomes vibrant, freer, and more wild.

A forgotten dead-end that we rediscover, now transformed into a passage that is no longer so ordinary. The public space now belongs to everyone! Plants have taken their place, and it's the citizen's turn to become a free actor, contributing and making this urban environment feel a bit like home. The collective space becomes playful and creative. Humans and nature blend in a city seemingly designed for them to coexist, a long-awaited biodiverse city. What if plants became a given? What if the city of tomorrow were designed for them?

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The Carré Des Jardiniers competition is above all an adventure to be shared. Antoine De Lavalette talks about the four members of his team who accompanied him to the title.


Brice Enjalran : 

  •  40 years old
  •  Construction Site Manager  

Brice is a valuable member of the company that I have been working closely with for a long time. He divides his time between site monitoring, meetings, and quotations. He is an indispensable technician with a pragmatic view of projects, who is also capable and eager to tackle any challenges that come his way. Brice is a trustworthy person who knows how to share his knowledge with others, always in good spirits and in a pedagogical manner.

His strengths: thanks to his technical skills, he knows how to adapt to all situations.


Marie Couronne :  

  • 34 years old
  •  Landscape Designer

Marie is the landscape designer with whom I coordinated the design of the plant scenography for the event 'Capitole Végétal.' A meeting that made our collaboration an obvious choice. Her sensitive vision is accompanied by extreme rigor, two key qualities necessary for the competition, making her an essential member of the team. She knows how to push us to work on all the details of our project.

Her strengths: Determined and organized, she has an eye for detail.


Adlan Herisson :  

  •  32 years old
  •  Self-taught Landscape Gardener

Adlan is a gardener. I first met him on the construction sites of Camille Muller, and we teamed up for years. He, too, is an outstanding technician who is not afraid of anything. His enthusiasm, determination, and high standards on construction sites are admirable and make him another cornerstone of the team.

His strengths: His ingenuity and insight make the impossible possible.


Anthony Lefebvre : 

  • 22 years old
  • Apprentice in Landscaping BTS

Anthony joined Nature et Création as an apprentice in September 2023. He is enrolled in the Landscaping BTS program at the Auzeville Vocational Training Center. During our meeting, I was immediately drawn to his unconventional journey and cheerful personality. A real crush for this already seasoned young man who is just at the beginning of a promising journey, I am certain.

His strengths: Always in a good mood, his eagerness to learn is a driving force for the team.



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