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The project of Matthias Orsi - Aubagne (13)

The oasis of the future

Our project is articulated around a big central work representing the genesis of gardens. This ethereal structure “captures” the water present in several of its aspects (dew, mist, rainwater, fog). Once recovered, this water is stored in several pools.

From there, the water is gradually fed to the garden by a series of fountains, pools and
ditches. By its influence, its intensity and its usage, the water nourishes specific species of vegetation and shapes a succession of gardens. The further away you get from the central art work, the less water is present,
rare and even totally absent at the garden borders.


  • the hanging garden: climbing plants using the central structure as their support + aquatic plants in the pools
  • the luxuriant garden: a halo like a green cocoon around the central water structure
  • the vegetable garden watered by a closed circuit ditch system
  • the dry garden: here, there is no water at all > like you find in the steppes, aromatic ground cover grows between big concrete flagstones recycled from a demolition site.


What makes your garden a garden for lovers of (the good things in) life?

By following and understanding the water cycle in nature, we create a garden using water and imagine an original 22nd century oasis by considering water as a treasure in the garden it shapes: water that is collected, stored and used with nothing brought in from outside.


The garden comes to life just by using this natural resource. Diversified vegetation takes root, grows, opens out, flowers, produces, and evolves over time, in “symbiosis” with the gardener.


In the focal point of the garden, the structure which collects the water provides shade and supports fruit-bearing climbing plants, bringing coolness and a place for fun, sharing, rest, relaxation and wellbeing.



Jérémy PRAT
Olivier LOUIS




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